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Featured Inventor

As soon as we grow a little, an "Inventor of the Month" will be featured. This column will provide some insight into the lives of inventors as told by them.

Site Purpose

This site is intended to introduce new products to the marketplace which were created by inventors.

Offering you, the consumer, unique gift ideas no one else has seen. Out of the necessity of trying to market a start-up product in an economical way along with a desire to help others do the same, The Invention Store was born (2007). Products on this web site haven't found a home on store shelves, yet are hopefully desirable enough so they create a sale for its inventor and a vote for their products success! Most inventors never even recoup their design, development, & patent costs. Maybe the internet can keep the dream alive for invention, capitalism, safety & more environmentally friendly products from the "little guy".

Innovation Innovation is the key.

Inventors Creative involvement.

Unique Gift Ideas For new parents, baby showers, expectant parents.

New to the market These are all new products to the market offered by their inventors.

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